At PIIN, we are creating a culture of excellence and humility. It all begins with the leadership in our team. We are very proud to have among the greatest young talent in the Hong Kong sommelier and culinary world to communicate to the world what PIIN is all about.

Ming Wong

Head Chef

Chef Ming has had a zealous interest in cooking since a young age. His mother is Thai and he was born and raised in Hong Kong. His Thai heritage is what he believes has helped him find such creativity and depth in palate when it comes to preparing dishes. Ming has an unfounded motivation for growth and learning, as well as rigor and diligence in his work. He has over 15 years of experience as a chef at prestigious Cantonese institutions such as Michelin-starred Fook Lam Moon and Guo Fu Lou .

Fun fact – what is your ultimate mission? To help people understand Cantonese cuisine in a modern context with a focus on transforming quality ingredients into delicious plates.