Reeze Choi, our Head Sommelier, will host a small group of guests on a journey through a broad selection of wine topics on the second Saturday of each month at 4pm. These classes are designed to be very approachable to suit fledging and seasoned oenophiles alike.

Saturday September 14

Italy: Italian Varietal vs International Varietal

2 wines for each cépage

HK$580 per person

Saturday October 12

Japan: apart from notoriety of sake, the country also produces delicious wine

3 types of wine of Koshu grape and 3 of Muscat Bailey

HK$580 per person

Saturday November 9

Pinot Noir: understand pinot by blind tasting, find the wine from Burgundy.

One wine each from USA, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Burgundy

HK$580 per person

Saturday January 11

Riesling: not necessarily a sweet wine, can be tastefully dry

3 wines from Germany and 3 from Austria

HK$580 per person

Saturday February 8

Syrah vs Shiraz; Rhone vs Australia

3 wines from each region

HK$580 per person